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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Learn more about our exciting business opportunities!
Learn more about our exciting business opportunities!
At MPG Interactive, we offer a diversified range of business opportunities. Our unique business opportunities allow you to work as much or as little as you want. Any of our business opportunities can be done either on a part-time or full-time basis. That is what makes our business opportunities special and unique.

If you are an auto enthusiast, then AutoLotManager and AutoLotClassics could be the right opportunity. AutoLotManager's main focus is to help retail automotive dealers advertise and market their vehicle inventory. By doing so, we help automotive dealers simplify the selling process and best utilize their resources. On the other hand, AutoLotClassics main focus is providing the appropriate resources for classic car owners. By leveraging our existing inventory management infrastructure, we help classic car owners sell and advertise their car for a fraction of the cost if they were to do it themselves.

Watch2Wear is the first in the industry to introduce a 3rd party verification service for both the seller and buyer. Our verification process will ensure a risk-free purchase and a hassle free sale. This unique verification process is a game changer in the timepiece and watch industry.

We offer opportunities that are fun and require no experience!
Each of our opportunities are turn-key and there is no experience required. Our team of professionals will train and assist you through all the required steps to ensure your financial success and independence. Our business opportunities can be done either on a part-time or full-time basis. It is up to you!
Business Opportunities that are lucrative! Our unique marketing strategies are fun, easy-to-do and in most cases, there is no selling involved! is currently seeking individuals interested in reselling our products and performing related services to auto dealers. We are considering all markets throughout the United States. If you are looking for unlimited income potential, then let's get the conversation started.
If you like cars, taking pictures of cars and going to car shows (and car and coffee events), then AutoLotClassics is the right opportunity! AutoLotClassics' business opportunity is a simple turn-key process. There are no set-up fees, contracts, commitments or obligations on your part.
If you are a watch dealer, watch collector or watch enthusiast and would like to sell your watch on a marketplace specifically designed for the wrist watches, then Watch2Wear is the best option!
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